If giant spiders invaded the earth what’s your survival plan? (x)

I’M SO HAPPY MY HEART IS FILLED WITH LOVE I HAVE GREAT FRIENDS OMG tomorrow two of my friends and I are having a muffin party. Yes, you heard that right. A muffin party. We all baked a dozen muffins each tonight, and tomorrow they’re coming over to my house after school and bringing the muffins and we’re gonna exchange them so we end up with 4 of each of the 3 flavours, and we’re gonna make tea and sit in my basement and eat muffins and watch movies/tv and it’s going to be beautiful


I think the best assesment of the scene I ever saw was in heydon’tjudgeme's recap:

'I imagine Pentecost is at the same emotional level as watching your kid’s first football game and getting interrupted because your dumb nephew blew up the concession stand.'

No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved, you know? For a little bit. I feel like the maid. “I just cleaned up this mess. Can we keep it clean for ten minutes?


actually from a Dothraki point of view this is only like an ok wedding

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test my dashboard osmosis abilities


send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can

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*carries a redshirt with me but doesn’t wear it* it’s a metaphor for dying on away missions but i don’t put it on because i don’t actually want to die on away missions

the fault in our star trek

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One of the tracks you wanted to play was The Strokes’ “Someday.” Was it hard not to be massively influenced by them? Because they have got a very distinctive sound…


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